Wooldridge Uses Prisoners to Clean Levee

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WOOLDRIDGE - Prisoners from the Boonville Correctional Center cleaned up the brush on top of sandbags on its levee. The levee is supposed to protect the Petite Saline Creek from backing up into town if the Missouri River floodwaters push into it. The Petite Saline Creek waters will back up behind storm water that's already in front of the levee. Storm water cannot leave town though because there's a ditch that's keeping the water from getting out. That's one of the things crews will have to clear if they want to get more storm water out of town. They also have to deal with protecting the town from floodwaters though heading toward town.

"We need to make it possible to mow," Wooldridge Vice Chairman Jeff Vollrath said. "Right now you can't run a piece of equipment down it because there's so much all over the levee."

The prisoners will remove the sandbags that are on the levee right now after cleaning up the brush. Vollrath doesn't know yet if flood waters will get high enough for the village to put sandbags up again.