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COLUMBIA - Flat Branch Mortgage workers were finishing their holiday work week on Friday and getting ready for an extended weekend. Senior Mortgage Banker Crystal Himmelberg said it's been a picking up this week but usually, the weeks around the holidays are slow.

"Last week everyone wanted to think about Christmas and leaving town for the holidays. Now everybody's getting back to work and thinking about the beginning of the year," said Himmelberg.

According to a survey conducted by the workplace consultant firm Regus, 41 percent of Americans said they'd be spending time catching up on neglected tasks like filing during the days surrounding Christmas and News Years. And, 12 percent said they'd be arranging next year's calendar.

Himmelberg is part of that 12 percent. She said people are starting to call in to get pre-approved for houses next month.

Debbie Davis is a loan processor at Flat Branch and although she's been busy, she said the office has been very relaxed. She said she's been enjoying the array of holiday foods she's shared with her colleagues.

"We have a good time and we've had a lot of goodies this week and last week with it being Christmas and New Year's, so it's been very relaxed," said Davis.

She said it's more difficult to get work done during this time of year because people are in and out of the office more than other weeks during the year.