Work starts on new Boys & Girls Club of the Capital City

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Boys & Girls Club of the Capital City is breaking ground today on their new facility on the campus of Lincoln University. 

The cost of the 18,000 square foot facility is projected about 3.1 million dollars, and the construction will take about nine months to complete.  

The original projected cost was $2.2 million, but rose to make room for STEAM programming.

STEAM prepares students for future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. 

Girls Club Board President Tim Sigmund said the first floor was originally designed to be more of an open space, but when the STEAM program was added, the program needed more classroom space to accommodate the program, raising the cost of the project. 

"The board thought about it long and hard and looked at all the issues with having to raise or obtain more money and we decided that we really need to do this," Sigmund said. "It's such a great opportunity for the kids and for really all the kids in our community that we decided we'll figure it out," Sigmund said. 

So far The Boys & Girls Club has raised $2.7 million, and is working on more grants and creative fundraising to make their goal. 

Sigmund said the $900,000 is a sizable difference, but necessary when they thought about expansion goals. 

"That comes primarily because of this expansion that we deemed appropriate and necessary. Of course with any project as it gets going we saw things that we had a need for and we felt that we should incorporate into the building now as opposed to looking down the line with something that we might do later," Sigmund said. 

The original Boys & Girls Club on East Elm Street, was demolished as part of the MODOT highway 50/Lafayette Street Interchange project. 

The new facility will accommodate more than 300 children on site and will provide youth in the community academic, character development and health and wellness programs. A hot dinner will also be served each night in the new facility. 

One parent of Boys and Girls Club said "The new building will mean new possibilities for families to have a safe place to go."

Sigmund says the Boys and Girls Club is confident they will figure out whatever they have to do to raise the funds to to give the kids of Boys and Girls Club of the Capital City a home.