Workers Beat Heat to Rebuild Sedalia

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SEDALIA- Construction workers had to deal with 93 degree temperatures Tuesday afternoon as they continue to repair damaged homes after a tornado hit the town two weeks ago. With most of the work going to local companies, Sedalia construction companies have their hands full.

Duane Dixon, owner of Dixon Builders in Sedalia, estimated that 200-300 homes need repairs in a subdivision south of town, in the area near 32nd Street and Kentucky.

"It's like everyone needs their home done today," said Dixon.

With the demand higher than ever workers are sweating it out by working weekends to meet the demand.

Dixon said he had about 20 guys working on multiple properties Tuesday and because of the heat Dixon is the importance of staying hydrated.

"We have a water place in town deliver us water, and they deliver about four to five gallon jugs a day," said Dixon.

That means Dixon and his men go through about 20 gallons of water a day.

"If it's 90 degrees out here on the ground, you can add 10 to 15 degrees up there. It'll just take the zap right out of you," said Dixon.

"It's miserable, point blank. It feels miserable," said Harry White a construction worker working on the Dixon crew.  White said he has never fainted or been hospitalized for heat related issues, and stressed the importance of drinking water.

Several others were not as lucky. University Hospital said they treated five people for heat related illness over the past three days.  Boone Hospital Center treated two people and Bothwell Regional Health in Sedalia treated one person on Monday.