Workers begin re-painting bike lanes in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Road crews spent time re-painting and resurfacing bike lanes on various roads Monday. They first took the existing painted lines off before putting down new lines.

Columbia Public Work's Public Information Specialist Steve Sapp said resurfacing happens each year and is important to keeping both bikers and drivers safe. He said the paint tends to wear off due to weather and general road use.

Cyclist Mike McGee said, "The main thing is, it helps me when I bike to work or at night."

The major streets affected include Stadium Boulevard, Old Highway 63 and East Broadway.

Cyclist Jessie Garwood said, "I think a lot of bikers know that, when it comes down to it, being between us and the vehicle, we're going to lose that fight."

Garwood said he likes the new resurfacing but wants people to be more aware when driving near bikers.

"I feel like, half the time, cars just kind of follow you, and they will go 10 miles per hour behind you," Garwood said. "And the other half will cruise right around you, so it is good to know where those boundaries are. If they can get by with us having enough space in our lane, then go right ahead."

McGee said he wants more bike lanes, if possible, along other roads, including Rock Quarry Road.

Columbia resident Paige Underwood said it's a problem that some roads don't even have bike lanes.

"It can be a hassle," she said. "I don't think a lot of drivers know what to do in those situations." 

Crews will work on the following streets, and there currently isn't an exact date for completion:

  • Old Highway 63 from Stadium Blvd south for roughly one mile
  • Brown School Road from Rangeline St to Oakland Road
  • East Broadway from Old Highway 63 to Brickton Road
  • Green Meadows Circle - (Shared Lane Markings)
  • Greenbriar Drive (Shared Lane Markings)

Tips for cyclists and drivers can be found on the city's website.