Workers Take Down Historic Columbia Area Tavern

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BOONE COUNTY - Workers began disassembling the historic Gentry-Threlkeld-Van Horn tavern near Midway Tuesday morning.

Workers will dismantle the tavern and the original pieces will be used to build a replica at the Boone Monument Village in Marthasville.

"We're going to take it down and stamp all the ends to make sure we can put it back up right," said Brunetti Reality employee Greg Schulze. "Then we go on and start stripping all the roof off of it. Any of the lumber we can use, even some of the siding, we can utilize that in places so [we] pretty much try to salvage everything."

Bernardo Brunetti purchased the landmark from Patrick and Rita Dougherty, who have owned it for the past forty years. Patrick Dougherty said moving the tavern is bittersweet, but he is no longer able to maintain it.

"It's been a great history lesson for me and my extended family," Dougherty said. "We have mixed emotions about it because we hate to see it go. We would have liked to have seen it stay in Boone County if it was moved, but as circumstances developed, we realized that it was best to preserve it and make sure it was in a good, stable environment."

The tavern opened around 1830 and was declared a landmark by the Daughters of the American Revolution and the State of Missouri in 1913. Dougherty said it's one of the oldest buildings in Missouri.

Brunetti said the tavern will be a major addition to Boone Monument Village.

"We are trying to establish a mid-1800s small village, typical of the time that would include a number of buildings, including a church, a school house, some existing log cabins and other homes as well," Brunetti said. "Obviously you need a tavern to make it complete."

Burnetti said the tavern will be the center of the village. He is planning to rebuild the tavern the same as it was oringinally. Once completed, the village will be staffed by costumed interpreters and provide an educational and entertaining experience to visitors. The Van Horn Tavern will have food and drinks available, like those from the eighteenth century.

Brunetti said the tavern's replica should be completed some time next summer or fall.