Workplace Discrimination Bill

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JEFFERSON CITY - For the second year in a row R-Senator Brad Lager of the 12th District is sponsoring a bill to change the policy in Missouri on Workplace Discrimination. Senate Bill 592 will make two major changes to the current Missouri Human Rights Act. First the bill would require the plaintiff to prove that discrimination was a motivating factor instead of a contributing factor. Second, the bill would put a cap of $300,000 on the amount of money a worker can receive from an employer. Along with the cap, the amount of money awarded to the plaintiff would be based on how big the employer is in terms of numbers of employees.

Supporters of the bill say it will help boost the economy by bringing more businesses to the state. Opponents of the bill say there is no proof whatsoever of businesses leaving Missouri because of the current workplace discrimination law. If passed, Missouri's workplace discrimination law would ultimately be the same as the federal workplace discrimination law  

Last year when a very similar bill passed in the House and the Senate Governor Nixon vetoed the bill saying that it would "roll back decades of civil rights progress." Governor Nixon has yet to comment on this year's Workplace Discrimination Bill.