Workspace helping mothers "work from home" and take care of their children

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COLUMBIA - The Hatchery is a business in Columbia that lets parents "have their cake and eat it too."

Amanda Quick is a mom who opened the space for working parents to have a place that is quiet, provides childcare and is not the typical hustle and bustle of a coffee shop. 

"I had talked to a couple of friends and there were telling me about this place that they went where their kids were playing and able to eat a hot meal, get a little bit of work done, or meet with other moms," Quick said. "This would be cool for Columbia."

When Quick became a mom, she wondered what she could for herself to maintain being an active mom and having her business. She initially stayed at home, but after a few months she wanted to find a balance of working and being a mom. 

"Being an extrovert and very much like a people person I started to get a little stir crazy, so I very much had to get myself out of the house. But even with doing that, I still missed business, so I for one had to go through that feeling of being okay with being a working parent."

From her experience, Quick wanted to open a business that allowed parents to bring their kids to a place where they would be taken care of while they had meetings, answered emails, built their personal businesses, and did whatever work they needed to do. 

Melissa Stephenson is a mom that works for a non-profit that helps provide healthcare to children. When her daughter, Ellie, was three months old she brought her to The Hatchery with her so she could continue to work and spend time with her daughter. 

"I get to make sure my kid is taken care of and still get to spend time with her," Stephenson said. "Anytime I want to see her I can just pop in and see what shes doing. Its great to not have the mom guilt of not being able to do one or the other."

Stephenson has been coming to The Hatchery since it opened and likes that as a working mom, she has the ability to work and take care of her child. 

"The mom struggle of you need to work and contribute to your family but you also need to take care of your kids and like I said you get to do both here." Stephenson said. 

Quick said she hopes that the space she offers will encourage parents to not give up on their businesses and feel that they can do both.