Yahoo Reporter Talks About Frank Haith Accusations

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COLUMBIA - Another day of silence from the Missouri athletic department in regards to the Frank Haith - Nevin Shapiro pay-for-play accusations.

Shapiro claims he paid $10,000 for a recruit's commitment to Miami and says Haith acknowledged the payoff.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Sports writer Charles Robinson says Shapiro has more Haith that he didn't include in the story.

Yahoo reporter Charles Robinson said, "Nevin said Frank Haith was not the bag man, Jake Morton was the one who picked up the money, Jake Morton was the one who returned the money after I made a big stink about it following my incarceration but he did say you know I had a conversation with Frank Haith at David's Cafe about the fact that he was very appreciative that I could step up and help out in this situation."

Robinson explained why there are some stories from Shapiro he didn't report, "There were various other incidents that Nevin talked about he had some corroborating sources on terms of other things that Frank Haith asked Nevin Shapiro to help out in with the basketball program but that did not make it into the story simply because we didn't feel we had a few more corroborating sources to get to it but there's more there than essentially was just in the story."

Robinson said their is plenty of proof Haith and Shapiro had a relationship, "I think that financial records, testimony and human sources have provided the proof that Frank Haith was involved with Nevin Shapiro on a far more personal level than maybe Coach Haith has ever spoken about."