Yoga Gives CoMo's puppy yoga sold out for the first time

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COLUMBIA - Yoga Gives CoMo hosted its annual puppy yoga with over a hundred people in attendance at Bur Oak Brewing Company. The event sold out for the first time. 

Yoga instructor Mo Taylor said yoga is all about breathing and connecting everything together.

"Yoga is all about mind, bodies connection and the awareness of you and how you relate to things around you," Taylor said. 

She said puppy yoga can help people stay lighthearted.

"The puppy yoga is so fun because it really forces you to be in the present moment, which can be very hard when your brain sort of chats a lot and does not shut off," she said, "so puppies bring you right into the space and keep the lighthearted feel."

Taylor said it is also a different way to put money together for a good cause. 

"It's really awesome to not just bring people together but to also tie it to the bigger issue of the community and help a local cause is more important," Taylor said. 

Katie Schutte, founder of Yoga Gives CoMo, partnered with Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue to shed light on foster dogs. 

"Unfortunately we have to do this because of how dogs are mistreated, and it just really sheds light to that and that we can find these dogs forever homes and good homes," Schutte said. 

The event raised about $2,000. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue, according to the event website.

"The proceeds will cover all the puppies cost, their shots, food, and the shelter to help raise the puppies or any dog that they [Unchained Melodies] come in contact with," Schutte said.