You Are Not Alone

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COLUMBIA - Bikers gathered in Centralia Saturday to show support for a young sexual assault survivor.

At least 60 bikers, led by a police escort, rode to the park to surprise 10-year-old Emilee Dubes.

A group of bikers called the Hooligans originally organized to show support for Jackson Morton, a 13-year-old boy fighting cancer. After receiving a call from Emilee's stepfather, Hough Anders, they decided to make a small detour along the way.

Emilee said she felt alone during her recovery and that after the verdict, everyone forgot about her. Anders arranged the surprise to show her that she is valued and supported.

Bikers signed a banner made by Emilee's great-aunt as well.

Emilee said that she can see that there are a lot of people who care about her.