Young girl taking Mid-Missouri wrestling by storm

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JEFFERSON CITY- Lexi Dunwiddie is your average 8-year-old girl.

“She goes home and loves playing with her dolls and dressing up for special occasions,” her dad, Kent Dunwiddie said.

Lexi is not playing with the boys on the playground; she is competing with them on the wrestling mat.

Lexi joined the Jays Kids Club Wrestling Program just this year and has a rookie record of 41-11, 29 of those wins by pin. She won the Rookie State Championship competing against boys and girls. Lexi has only wrestled four girls. She won all her matches against girls.

“I feel good when I beat them, but I feel kind of bad for the boys because they wrestle a girl and if they lose to a girl it’s kind of weird,” Lexi said.

Her dad, Kent Dunwiddie, said he is proud to see his daughter succeed.

“Watching my daughter now and me explaining to her that she can do anything a boy can do and better and watching her do it, that’s what is amazing,” Kent Dunwiddie said.

He added that she isn’t just taking the skills she is learning at practice to the meets, but also to the classroom and throughout her everyday life.

“I think it has really helped her with her self confidence a lot,” Kent Dunwiddie said.

He said he credits a lot of her success to the Jays because he says the program is like a family. Kent Dunwiddie hopes his daughter continues to wrestle and pave the way for other females looking to be part of the sport. Lexi looks to women such as Ronda Rousey for inspiration.

“She’s tough, she’s cool. Just really like her. I want to be her when I grow up,” Lexi said.

Lexi is wrestling in Regionals March 12 in St. Louis. At the end of the month she will compete in All-Girls Nationals in Oklahoma City.