YOUR VIEW: A Closer Look at Why We Covered H&M Clothing Coming To Columbia

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COLUMBIA - On November 7, a KOMU 8 digital producer posted on our website that H&M Clothing planned to expand to the Columbia Mall. Several of our viewers commented on the story, some saying it wasn't newsworthy.

One viewer said, "How the hell is this news worthy?!?!"

Another commented, "This qualifies as news? Really?"

But KOMU 8 Interactive Director Annie Hammock said it's the store's potential impact that makes this news. She said, "This is a major retailing concern coming into Columbia. It means jobs, it's a cultural benefit for the city in terms of fashion for interested people. Mostly it's news however because of the potential jobs and the fact this is going to be a major retailer in a key part of town doing business in Columbia."

And Reynolds Journalism Institute Consultant Jim Flink said it's all about what each person believes is newsworthy, depending on how something impacts them.

He said, "I think you really have to step outside of what you might come with your predispositions of what is and what isn't news and say does this fit some other definition."

The story, which received nearly 5,500 views on our website, didn't only receive negative comments.

Hammock said while some viewers raised negative comments, "There were people responding to the critics within the facebook comments thread saying this does matter."

One of those viewer comments said, "Now for a Love Culture!! This IS newsworthy, folks. H&M is a big deal."

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