Your View: Bri Kulas Coverage

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COLUMBIA - In early April, KOMU 8 News reported Missouri woman's basketball player Bri Kulas was drafted into the Women's Basketball Association.

The next day a viewer emailed KOMU 8 News and said he felt the story was not given proper coverage. We took a look at why KOMU 8 News does not repeat information in newscasts.

In his email, Roy Davis said there was no mention of Bri Kulas making the WNBA draft during the newscast he watched that night. Davis said he felt disappointed in our selection of topics for that day's broadcast.

It's possible Davis missed our coverage the night before.

KOMU 8 Sports Director Chris Gervino explained why the constant cycle of news forces reporters to focus on newer stories.

"We showed it on or 10 p.m. news so I'm sorry the viewer missed that but then once it's the next day in our business we just have a few minutes to show all that we need to show. So we just move onward with newer and more timely stories," Gervino said.

Professor of Radio and Television Journalism Greeley Kyle said the news is never ending.

"The current news cycle is very short because of the frequent number of newscasts we have plus all the online information that is presented once it is available, new fresh information comes along. New stories that people are interested in come along. So news stories don't get repeated very often," Kyle said.

So what do you think about the way we covered the Bri Kulas story? Should KOMU 8 re-air daily sports stories? Do you think certain stories require more attention depending on its news worthiness? Let us know on facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus or email us at Then watch KOMU 8 News at six on Friday to catch your view of the news.