Your View: Campus Bomb Threats Causes Controversy

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COLUMBIA - A couple of weeks ago, we told you about multiple bomb threats on college campuses around the nation. We received a number of comments on our facebook page about our extensive coverage of the threats
In this week's your view, we took a look at whether our coverage was helpful or unnecessary.

After komu-8 learned of the bomb threats made on multiple college campuses, the station decided to report the updates. But our coverage wasn't well recieved by some who said we did more harm than good. Jeffrey Trotter wrote this on KOMU-8's facebook page...

"...In light of this news it really looks like a bunch of media outlets sounded an alarm over nothing...The sloppy reporting done on this story..that's yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre. It's dangerous to report this story the way it was without having facts."

KOMU-8 staff said reporting on the bomb threats was important information to get out, especially because of the number of campuses involved. Jen Reeves helped cover the story.

"What we did in the newsroom was to alert everybody that this was happening...This is our job as news journalists to let people to know what's happening. And then what we also did was that we talked to the university and asked them, 'are you watching this and what kind of precautions are possible?"

In response to the viewers' comment, we talked to some of the people most affected by college bomb threats in our viewing area --- university of missouri students. We asked them whether or not they'd want to know about bomb threats on other college campuses.

"Even if it's not happening here, um, just being aware of other situations is good cause it helps you, in case it does happen here, to prepare," said freshman Jordan Hoffman.

"I think people should be informed about what's going on in different communities," agrees junior Marssanne Louis-Thompson. "If you're not gonna know what's gonna happen to you..and if it does happen to you then you're gonna be upset because someone didn't tell you."

So what do you think? Did we take our reports of the bomb threats to the extreme or were we reporting valuable information?

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