Your View: Election Night Corrections

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COLUMBIA - Election time can be chaotic for those working in a newsroom. Throughout the November 6 election, KOMU 8 worked to collect information from national outlets and update viewers accordingly.

During our election night coverage earlier this month, we issued corrections online after posting inaccurate information from the Associated Press (AP) and CNN. Our corrections irritated viewers and made them question the accuracy of our reporting.

In this week's Your View, we take a look at those corrections and why we used information from the AP and CNN in the first place.

On more than one occasion, we tweeted incorrect information, previously tweeted by the AP and CNN. As those outlets issued corrections, so did we.

This is the correction we posted on our Facebook page:

"We apologize for the corrections and misinformation we passed along. We have been relying on the Associated Press and CNN for most of our data, and we realize we have gotten some things wrong. We will be triple verifying our sources from here on out to make sure we bring you the most accurate information throughout Election Night."

But some of our viewers questioned our reporting.

Seth Doman said, "That should have been your stance from the very beginning, not after the fact of making mistakes. Some things can't be taken back once reported!"

Shane Matzen wrote, "Uh, wouldn't you have some NBC News connections. You guys ARE an affiliate."

KOMU 8 News Director Stacey Woelfel explained the importance of using wire services in a local TV newsroom.

"We routinely use Associated Press, NBC, CNN to add to what we do locally," Woelfel said. "The AP was easier to get out there quicker.

"On election night, it provides the role of giving us numbers from around the state -- we get some of that from Associated Press and we get some from the state itself. It also gives us content for stories, so written text stories that we can use."

So what do you think? Should we have waiting or would you want information as we get it?
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