Your View: Gary Pinkel Divorce

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COLUMBIA - A few weeks ago, KOMU reported that Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel finalized the petition for divorce from his wife.

After we aired the statement, we received feedback from viewers telling us our coverage of the event was not newsworthy. In this week's Your View, we take a look at whether the story about the divorce was helpful or even necessary.

On October 5th, Emily Spain read a story written by KOMU 8's morning producer that reported the finalized divorce. However, after the story was reported, one viewer emailed the station to let us know he did not appreciate the coverage.

KOMU viewer Kirt Cochran emailed this comment:
"...To me this was "Bush League!". Since when did this become "Entertainment Tonight?" This is not worthy news that needs to be reported."

While we asked Cochran to do an interview with us, he declined and stated that it would further cover a topic that needs to be left alone.

KOMU 8's News Director Stacey Woelfel agreed with Cochran and sent him an email stating:

'"Mr. Cochran,
Thank you for writing. In fact, I agree with you. The story aired while I was out of town, but I don't think it merited coverage on our part. A routine divorce is a private matter, regardless of whether the person is a public figure or not."

In an interview with us, Woelfel responded to why the coverage made it into the newscast in the first place.

"Different opinions about the news value of it. He's a public figure. Some people might argue that private lives of public figures aren't not very private. I just disagree on this one," Woelfel said.

We also asked a few University of Missouri students about the coverage. MU student Peter Kumpschroeder said: "I don't follow sports. I honestly don't care. I can see people be interested in how and why it happened. But I don't know. Maybe."

What do you think? Should we have reported the divorce? Or should we have left it on the sidelines? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Then watch Friday nights at 6 as we report your view of the news.