YOUR VIEW: How Fashion Affects the News

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COLUMBIA - Fashion has certainly changed over the years, and the wardrobe of news anchors and reporters is no exception. Some viewers say clothing and jewelry can be distracting and anchors should stick to wearing something more traditional.

Laura Leach, a KOMU 8 viewer, wrote the station and said, "Please quit putting those ugly, big, clunky necklaces on the people doing the news. They take your eye away from the news information. I find myself ignoring the information and staring at the ugly jewelry."

Brittany Pieper, KOMU 8 news anchor, said she can understand these kind of comments. "I do see where they're coming from and how it could be distracting and it is something we should think about when we're getting dressed to go on air that, while we do want to look nice, that the main point of our job is to get information across and if what we're wearing is hindering that then we need to rethink that."

While some viewers aren't fans of showing personal style, but others think it adds to the newscast. KOMU 8 viewer Janey Miller wrote, "I want to compliment Rosie Newberry on her professionalism and style as she reports the weather on KOMU each day. She dresses terrific with hair and makeup to match. As a viewer it's noticed and along with the job she does and the image she reflects."

Greeley Kyle, a MU associate professor of journalism and KOMU 8 editor, agrees too much style can be distracting. "I have a problem personally as a journalism educator with large necklaces or dangling earrings or startling hair styles. While they're very acceptable in public, you'll see them everywhere, I think they're distracting."

So what do you think?

Does what an anchor or reporter wears affect how you focus on the news?

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