Your View: KOMU 8 explains social media interaction with viewers

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COLUMBIA — KOMU 8 News is always trying to find new ways to reach our audience. 

Following a fatal industrial accident in Fulton, KOMU 8 News posted the story on our Facebook page that said we were looking into safety regulations. We then asked viewers what other elements of this story they would like us to look into.

One viewer commented and said KOMU should be looking into all elements already.

"Are you kidding? You're reporting the news you should have looked into all of the elements to make sure you're reporting the truth," Diana Heinecke said on the KOMU 8 Facebook page. 

KOMU 8's Target 8 Chief Investigator Jamie Greber said KOMU 8 does its best to uncover all of the facts in any news story, but newsrooms are adapting to changes in journalism.

"Journalism has gone from an output only, we give you the information and you take it as we get it, to something that's more of a cycle," she said. "We put out information, the viewers respond to it, and then we speak back and that's one of the great things about how journalism has been evolving." 

Ryan Famuliner is the news director at KBIA, an NPR affiliate. He said any newsroom needs to rely on the audience for stories. 

"Some of the best stories that we've done come from tips from people in the audience, whether it's online or on the radio, people that have literally walked into our newsroom and said, 'Here's something that I think is a story.'"  

What do you think of KOMU 8's interactions with viewers on social media? 

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