Your View: KOMU 8 explores public perception of liberal media bias

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COLUMBIA — KOMU 8 News is covering a lot of politics this year with the upcoming presidential election, local elections and legislative session. 

Following KOMU 8's coverage of a Bernie Sanders event in Columbia in March, some viewers said the station was favoring one party over another. 

One viewer commented on the story and said KOMU 8 News had a liberal bias. 

"Of course you'll have more on this because everyone at KOMU is a bunch of Liberal sheep," Griffin Thomas said on the KOMU 8 News Facebook page. 

KOMU 8 News reached out to Thomas to hear his thoughts on political coverage, but have not yet heard back. 

An MU Professor said media coverage of politics may never satisfy some viewers. 

"We hear things through our own filter and in fact, I think almost no matter how careful you try to be balanced, you're going to have people that hear part of what you say or part of what's reported and not hear the rest, and that's just human nature," MU Political Science Professor Bill Horner said.  

KOMU 8 News director Randy Reeves said some people may not want to hear about the other side of an issue. 

"I think there a lot of people that watch the news that would very much like their side, their chosen side to be represented. We go out of our way every single day, every single week if its an issue with multiple sides, that we represent multiple sides," Reeves said.  

"Media outlets that are trying to be down the middle, you know, I think they're doing what they need to do which is they are interviewing people on both sides of the issues," Horner said, "If it's a political story, about a campaign, they're offering coverage about both candidates."

Horner said for the most part, media outlets offer coverage of both sides.

"I think that's what they need to do," Horner said. 

So what do you think about KOMU 8's political coverage?

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