YOUR VIEW KOMU 8 responds to comments on ICU story

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COLUMBIA – Late in October, KOMU 8 News aired a story about a shortage of ICU nurses nationwide, including at Boone Hospital.

KOMU 8 reporter Alyssa Casares interviewed multiple employees at Boone Hospital to get an inside look at how the hospital operates. Some of the people interviewed chose to remain anonymous in order to protect their jobs. The story garnered a lot of attention from KOMU 8 News viewers, specifically on social media. Many Facebook posters commented on both the strengths and weaknesses of how the story was told.

A common complaint among Facebook posters was that the story focused on Boone Hospital, while the problem of ICU nurse shortages is more of a wide spread problem across the country.

KOMU 8 News reached out to one viewer who shared this opinion. Columbia resident Alex Young said he found the story to be “very informative,” and “something more people need to know about,” but would have liked to see more variety.

When asked what he thought would improve the story Young responded, "I'd say definitely view other hospitals. I was reading the article and I was asking myself does this happen all over the place? Yes she did research on- there's a shortage in the nation- but, you have a lot of students here that go through the RN program. So, where do they go?"

Casares explained her thought process in telling the story, saying, “Yes, I do think it would be beneficial to look at other hospitals, but for this story there was already so much information to put together and try to consume and to put out there into a story, that if I had to pull in another hospital from Jefferson City or any other city, I think it wouldn't be fair because who's to say Jefferson City is on the same playing field as Columbia?”

Casares did contact the Harry S. Truman VA Hospital and University Hospital in Columbia for the story. 

Now KOMU 8 News wants to hear from you. Was the story told in a fair and balanced way? What could the reporter have done to improve the quality of the story?

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