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COLUMBIA — KOMU 8 News covered a proposed house bill that could change how Missouri high school students fulfill their personal finance requirement.

After the story was posted to our Facebook page, it received more than 300 comments with many viewers saying the story was inaccurate.

Susan Hayden Herbert wrote, “Uh. Someone needs to do a little research before reporting these things. Personal finance has been a high school graduation requirement in the state of Missouri since 2005. And I’ve been teaching at least that long. This is from the news station in Columbia/Mizzou? Really? Shoddy reporting.”

However, viewer Eva Dee Dorene Goss followed up commenting, “No, it is not ‘most schools’ that require this, it is ‘some schools.’”

KOMU 8’s web story explained, “The potential bill would not allow classes relating to personal finance take the place of a personal finance class. Students also would not have the option to test out.”

Currently, in some schools, this is an option. Whereas, other schools require it to be a stand alone class. 

Representation Mike Bernskoetter introduced the bill and released this statement to further explain:

“Our state education department already requires students to learn about personal finance before graduating. My legislation simply puts this requirement into statute and ensures our young people will learn these important lessons in a stand-alone class that cannot be tested out of, and that will provide more detailed instruction. It’s an important step to take as we seek to provide young people with a foundational life skill that will remain relevant and useful for the rest of their lives.”

While KOMU 8 did report the facts accurately, our Interactive Director Annie Hammock said it could have been communicated in a clearer way.

“The reporter did the story in the evening, so she was not able to speak with the representative. A story should never leave room for interpretation. I think we should’ve waited maybe until the next day to run the story,” said Hammock.

Hammock updated the original story to avoid further confusion.

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