YOUR VIEW: KOMU 8 responds to coverage of Syrian refugee crisis

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COLUMBIA - As the world continues to discuss what is best for Syrian refugees, some of KOMU 8's viewers were critical of our coverage of their displacement.
This past November, KOMU 8 conducted a survey asking our viewers their thoughts on the ongoing issues with Syrian displacement. In the following weeks, we ran a story that outlined the results of the survey. 
Some of our viewers were not pleased with our ongoing coverage of this issue.
James Carr said, ‘Our Facebook page is lacking engagement. How can we get out of this rut?' 'How about we ask people for the 1000th time about refugees to hear nothing but whining and fighting, and we will just call it engagement?' ‘Brilliant!'"
MU Islamic studies professor Dr. Nathan Hofer said the Syrian refugee crisis was worth the attention it received.
Beyond the politics of it, it's so disruptive on a global scale,” Hofer said.
“The last time something like this happened, it basically led to the creation of the state of Israel,  and we have seen how intense the repercussions of that have been.”
Hofer added it is a news organization’s duty to continue coverage on an ongoing international crisis until its end in order to do the story justice.
“We shift away from covering stories all the time,” KOMU 8 News Director Randy Reeves said.
“If we think that we’ve done that story justice, and there is not much new going on, we won’t be doing that story.”
Reeves said KOMU has covered the Syrian refugee crisis, because even though the issue may be overseas, its impact is felt by some here in mid-Missouri.
"The things that are going on there with those refugees also could play a vital role in immigration policies in the United States,” Reeves said.
“Just in Columbia alone, we have a quite large population of people from the Middle East and other Muslim countries,” Hofer said.
“It's just that these are their neighbors, they're Americans, and these are their friends."
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