YOUR VIEW: KOMU 8 responds to fire coverage

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BOONE COUNTY - KOMU 8 reported about a house fire in Boone County on the evening of Saturday, April 16. In the story, KOMU 8 mentioned three dogs died in the fire.

After the story was posted, viewers took to Facebook voicing their opposition to KOMU 8's coverage regarding how the story did not mention any effort towards saving the dogs.

"KOMU did not indicate that they tried and I find it strange that they lost all three dogs. If they tried well that is truly heroic and good for your husband for trying to save your neighbors pets." - Diane Barrale Bongard.

KOMU 8's reporter Collin Ruane covered the story.

"All we knew was that it was a pretty big fire, lots of units responding, lots of fire trucks," Ruane said. "All the fire officials told me was that three dogs had died and that was all we really knew. We didn't know whether they were able to help or anything like that."

After more comments about the coverage, Ruane posted a Facebook response to Bongard.

"I reported all the details officials were able to give reporters on the scene." - Ruane.

Ruane said the officials shared all the information they could at the scene before returning to their investigation.

Jamie Grey, KOMU 8 managing editor, said when covering breaking news, people in the community often know more than what officials are able to tell reporters.

"We always welcome viewer comments and it might help us track down additional information," Grey said.

"Later we found out from a relative of the folks who lost their home that they did try to get them out and the fire was just too big to try and fight themselves," Ruane said.

Now KOMU 8 wants to hear from you. Was the story told in a fair and balanced way? What could the reporter have done to improve the quality of the story?

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