Your View: KOMU responds to complaint on e-cigarette story

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COLUMBIA - On April 17, KOMU 8 News reported an increase in e-cigarette use among adolescents. 

We posted the story to our Facebook page to get viewer feedback, and one of our viewers thought the story had no purpose. 

He wrote, "KOMU, would you please watch a real news station and watch what stories matter to people these days."

We wanted to learn more about his thoughts so we reached out to the viewer and asked him to elaborate. 

He continued, "I saw a lot of comment on [Facebook] that people didn't understand why this is such a big issue now when we have things going on in our nation that need to be brought to light."

KOMU 8 News always strives to produce stories that are relevant to our viewers.

Randy Reeves, News Director at KOMU 8 News, said he believes the story we ran was relatable. 

"There's really only two stories that impact everybody; weather and the economy," Reeves said. "I think there is a strong argument that this particular area follows well into the economy because this is a growing business concern here and across the country. So any time it's about money, it's about you."

Ron Rowe, the strategic coordinator for the Youth Community Coalition in Columbia, said that even with the recent passing of an ordinance stating you must be 21 to buy tobacco products, e-cigarette use among children is an important issue that people in the community should be aware of. 

"Kids very much tend to be those who may go do something before they even know about it, " Rowe said. "So getting this information out to parents, out to teachers and the schools to let them understand that these aren't toys, these are serious things and we'd like people to know about this as much as possible."

We want to hear from you. Did KOMU 8 News do right by our viewers by covering this topic? Could it have been done better?

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[Editor's note: This story has been updated to clarify information.]