Your View: KOMU responds to complaints on gas price story

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COLUMBIA - On Dec. 2, KOMU 8 News reported gas prices were a dollar lower than they were exactly a year before.

Some viewers said KOMU 8 News should not have mentioned the unusually low prices.

"Annnnnnnnd now they will go up after this story," Max Frericks said.

Stacy Jason Henderson said, "Now they will go up. Can't we just enjoy it and not have to draw attention to it please."

KOMU 8 News' coverage does not have a direct impact on movements in gas prices. The story was meant to explain a few reasons for why they have dropped so much.

Josh Kranzberg, executive producer at KOMU 8 News, said the prices are significant enough to warrant a story.

"It's relevant because we covered it when it was $4 a gallon, or when it was approaching $4 a gallon and everyone said the gas prices were going to keep going up," Kranzberg said. "So as journalists we have to cover it when it goes the other way."

Harvey James, an agricultural economist professor at Missouri, said he agreed that news coverage cannot impact prices, but that KOMU 8 News may have missed a bigger point.

"I think the story would be looking into more detail why prices are declining," James said. "Is this something that is going to be long term? Looking at how this is affecting consumers here in Columbia. I think there's certainly something that could be done there."

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