Your View: Reporter Safety

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COLUMBIA - On January 28th, one of our morning show reporters was reporting on the side of I-70 without wearing a reflective vest.

One of our own KOMU 8 News viewers commented on our Facebook page worried about her safety. 

"Please advise your reporter on the side of I-70 this morning to be very careful. They are a little too close to traffic by the overpass and need to not be a distraction to morning commuters. Love your station! Please be careful!" said Janet Campbell O'Neal.

According to station guidelines, reporters must wear a reflective vest when on the side of the road.

We talked with KOMU 8's executive producer Randy Reeves, and he said reporter safety is a top priority.

"I've always told reporters that number one there is no story getting hurt over. There's no story worth dying for. So what I expect them to do in a situation that is potentially dangerous to back out and reassess," said Reeves. 

We also took to the streets to ask viewers how important it is that he reporters they watch practice proper safety.

"It could be a situation where they make think the person's broke down and then they want to start calling resources and they would get firefighters. They may get a lot of unwanted publicity then," said one resident.

"If I hear about a reporter taking unnecessary risk they're going to be reprimanded. There's going to be a talk about how to be safe," said Reeves.