Your View: School Security

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COLUMBIA - In February, KOMU looked into school safety. After recent tragic incidents including the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, many parents were wondering...What security measures are mid-Missouri school's taking?

In a Target 8 Investigation by KOMU reporter Cody Lagrow, Lagrow stated, "Columbia public schools has school resource officers in secondary schools, floating officers in elementaries. Buzzer systems, locked side doors and all staff trained by alice, a violent intruder program that stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and escape." Lagrow went further into detail and listed Boonville, Moberly, Fulton, and Jefferson City Public Schools safety procedures.

Some of our viewers took to Facebook to comment on the story. A couple of viewers expressed they felt the story was too detailed in what security measures are in place and potentially put the children at risk by making the information public.

In our YourView we met up with Michelle Baumstark, a Columbia Public School's Representative, to find out if we exposed too much. Baumstark stated, "I don't think what was shown was anymore than what we're seeing in any other news outlet, covering similar situations. It's nothing different than what we're showing our teachers when we do training, so that's not anything that's necessarily secretive or anything."

Randy Reeves, KOMU 8 Executive Producer, also backed up our reporting. "I'm a parent, I understand their concern, it's really important to us too. But I think getting the facts out there of how they're handling things gives you an opportunity to know how to push for better security if you feel there should be better security," said Reeves.
Baumstark says ultimately, it is KOMU's job to report the facts, but the school's job to protect the students. "I think you've covered it fairly, I think the burden really lies on the educational organization to determine what they want to reveal and don't want to reveal. I can always say ‘no' to answering any of your questions," said Baumstark.