Your View: Social Media Interaction

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COLUMBIA - Over the past decade, social media use has increased a lot around the world. It's also become a major factor in how media outlets share information with their audiences.

Like many other news outlets, KOMU 8 has a strong presence on the web a and this includes our KOMU 8 Facebook and Twitter page.

Stories are posted on both websites multiple times a day and sometimes we ask our viewers questions about content or emerging stories.

"I think the audience in general has stopped being a passive consumer of news," KOMU 8 News Interactive Director Annie Hammock said. "They have become much more active in how they get their news, you know they want to take part in conservation."

One way KOMU 8 creates conversations online is Today's Talk on KOMU News First at Five to ask our viewers what they think about certain issues, both local and national.

Missouri School of Journalism Assistant Professor Amy Simons said it is important to reduce the barriers between the media and its audience.

"By continuing that conversation through Facebook we're able to get instant feedback from our audiences," she said.

So what do you think about KOMU's efforts to converse with its audience? Do you think we are doing a good job of connecting with our viewers and having a conversation? Do we post the right stories on our social media sites for discussion? Does our Today's Talk segment suffice?

Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at Then watch KOMU 8 News at six on Friday to see your view of the news.