Your View: Vaccines

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COLUMBIA - Should vaccines be required for all children? A spike in measles is bringing back the discussion. 

Over the last month, KOMU asked you to take our survey on vaccinations on whether children should be vaccinated as recommended by the CDC. 

"We were really concerned with finding out what the pulse of the people were in our community on vaccinations," KOMU's Interactive Director Annie Hammock said. "We found very, very strong opinions which suggests the story does need to be covered."

For example, on Facebook, Taylor Castillo said "KOMU, the mere fact that you are treating this as an issue is troubling...There is no debate. If you want your kids healthy, get them vaccinated." 

We asked the Medical Director of Child Health Tom Selva at University Hospital and he said "You know as a pediatrician, I'm going to tell you there really is no debate."

But several viewers are strongly against vaccinations. Dylan Clark said "Government should not be allowed to mandate what is stuck/injected in my body."

Some viewers had issues with our survey itself. 

Erin Fielding didn't like the format and commented, "I hate how this survey has a lot of "yes" and "no" questions...this is not a simple, one-size-fits-all issue."

"We left questions open ended," Hammock said. "We asked people to explain why they chose yes or why they chose no. And then we left an open question to share any other thoughts."

Sheley Bordenkircher didn't like that we were doing the survey at all. "I grow weary of these posts that provide no new information or added benefit," she said.  "It's as if the media sits back and says what can we do to contribute to the controversy."

Hammock said that KOMU's Facebook page is all about conversation. "And when we ask for an opinion, we want people to expand on that opinion and answer in full."

So what do you think? Is whether or not your child should be vaccinated an important issue? Was our survey fair?