Your View: Viewers Want Less Kansas News

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COLUMBIA - According to comments and emails KOMU 8 News received, viewers want less Kansas and more Missouri news. On March 9, 2013, KOMU 8 News posted a story written by the Associated Press covering Kansas government.  Governor Sam Brownback's administration wanted to repeal corporate agriculture limits.  Repealing such limits would make it easier for out-of-state companies to own farms in Kansas.  Proponents of the repeal also said it would boost Kansas' economy and create more jobs. 

Two viewers, however, weren't happy with our coverage of Kansas news.  A viewer named William Emil Lee Meyer commented on our Facebook page saying, "So what. This isn't Kansas, what they do in their state doesn't affect us or our farms here in Missouri. Now, if this was a national/federal level, then yeah we might want to understand it a bit more. Otherwise, stick with Missouri."

The state of Missouri has been paying close attention to movements in Kansas government, especially for business decisions.  KOMU 8 News' Managing Editor Randy Reeves said it's important to be aware of happenings in our neighboring state.

"It's a story about something that Kansas is doing to improve business practices there and if you have paid any attention at all to what's going on in Jefferson City right now, they're making an awful lot of decisions about how Missouri treats businesses based off of how Kansas treats businesses," said Reeves.

KOMU 8 News also received an e-mail in October 2012 from a viewer who said, "Why all of the Kansas news on the website? The first seven stoires this morning are Kansas based.  Who cares what happens in Kansas?"

KOMU 8 News spoke to several people in downtown Columbia to see if this view of Kansas news was consistent.  

Columbia resident Jared Zillig said, "I do care about Kansas because it's our neighboring state."

"Generally, like it seems like stuff that affects Kansas can also affect Missouri," said Maya Wallace.

MU International Journalism professor Beverly Horvit agrees with KOMU 8's coverage of policy in neighboring states.

"In a democracy, you really need to know what the good ideas are and what the bad ideas are and you can't really have a sense of that unless you really hear what's going on in other places and how it's working. So, I think it's nice when you have this wide scope of news," said Horvit. 

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