Your View: Your View\'s Purpose

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COLUMBIA - A few weeks ago, KOMU 8 News received a call from a viewer fussing about the way Your View was presented.

It was about our insistence that no matter what the entertainment program, we must break in to report breaking weather alerts -- break in in great detail.

"I would like to point out what a shoddy piece of journalism it is to call something the your view section and then explain y'alls point of view on why you think its appropriate to interrupt programming for three hours for your endless self promotion during this storm watch for our area; I am using air quotes. Ridiculous. That's not anyone's view but your all's. Obscene. Not journalism."

We reached out to this viewer to ask how we can improve the Your View segment, but she did not return our calls.

MU Journalism Professor Kent Collins created Your View over a decade ago and says the segment was started to try to encourage our viewers to participate in the conversation about the news.
Collins also said there are areas where KOMU can improve the Your View segment.

"We need to be careful in the management of KOMU not to take those comments, and some of them are complaints, and shove them back and say you don't understand this is why we did it. We should help with transparency and explain why we did it. But never suggest that our way of doing it is the only way it should be done."

Executive Editor of The Columbia Missourian Tom Warhover says The Missourian uses a similar communication method called Dear Reader to interact with readers.

"Part of it is to kind of explain stories that were done or decisions made. Part of it is to ask for feedback."

Feedback is good. But should journalists reply to feedback by insisting their view should be your view?

So, what do you think about the Your View segment? Does KOMU-8 squelch the commenters? How do you think we can improve our segment?

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