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COLUMBIA - In February, KOMU 8 News reported the abduction and death of a 10-year-old Springfield girl.

Springfield police said Hailey Owens was snatched off the street blocks from her home by a middle school football coach Craig Wood as several neighbors unsuccessfully attempted to rescue her.

KOMU 8 News led the newscast with a special open and different music. Facebook user Michael Rogers noticed and commented on KOMU's Facebook page:

"Seriously, KOMU? Beginning the six o'clock newscast with sad and pathetic music? You're supposed to present the news objectively.. or at least that's what you claim. By your presentation you're trying to invoke planned and designed emotion. That is not your job. Report the news and let us decide how we feel."

KOMU 8's executive producer, Randy Reeves, says special coverage usually comes with special music. For 10-year-old Hailey's story, he did not think the original music matched the story.

"This was a crime of unimaginable ramifications, and I felt that the music in this situation was honest with that story," Reeves said.

"From the very get go, it grabs your attention and it says hey, this is not your everyday newscast, this isn't yesterday's new, it may not be tomorrow's news," said Reynolds Journalism Institute Consultant Jim Flink. "This news is something we really want you to pay attention to."

So, what do you think? Should we not change the music we use depending on the story?

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