Youth coalition brings issues to candidates attention

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COLUMBIA- The Youth Community Coalition hosted its second annual Youth Issues Round table discussion Tuesday night. Ten of the 11 Missouri state legislative candidates attended the meeting to discuss topics including prescription drug abuse, mental health resources for youth and academic achievement gaps.

"Our overarching purpose with this type of event is to give information to the candidates to set up a forum where they can ask questions of experts who deal with these issues on the daily bases and really be informed about the seriousness of these issues and potentially learn what perhaps they can do in Jefferson City if they are lucky enough to be collected," Ron Rowe, the Youth Community Coalition Coordinator, said.

Rowe said one big difference from last year's meeting is it was open to the public and the community this time. 

"The community will get a chance first and foremost to have their voice heard and also to be edified on what issues are," Rowe said.  

Rowe said the community coalition looks forward to having another meeting next year.