Youth in Action open house

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COLUMBIA - One volunteer group is looking for young people to help give back to the community over the summer.

Youth in Action is a group geared toward ages 12 to 15. It is holding an open house Thursday at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall.

Leigh Kottwitz, Neighborhood Services Manager, says the community needs more help from younger people during the summer.

"Youth in Action is a great resource, because college students have left town," Kottwitz said. "And college students make up a big base of volunteers. Youth in Action really helps fill in that gap."

Students decide what type of volunteer projects they work on and how many they sign up for. There are usually about four projects a week.

Youth in Action focuses on running city events and lending a helping hand to non-profits.

Even though many kids were reluctant in the previous years, Kottwitz says most volunteers leave the program with smiles and life-long skills.

"The kids are learning along the way and get to see the community in maybe a different way than they did before," Kottwitz said. "They might also find out about different potential jobs, opportunities, or even places they might want to volunteer at in the future on their own."

The open house will be held in Conference Room 1C of City Hall. Families can sign up for projects and meet the staff.

More information can be found at the Volunteer Programs website.