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JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri State Museum is giving residents a chance to enjoy "Museum After Hours" during the night-time hours. Those attending can also see a special exhibit called "Trunkful of Treasures."

Artist Florence Klusman created a whole collection of miniature items from paper including home furnishing with a rag run and flower pot, as well as many other treasures.

Some say the prize of her collection is a 1907 Case tractor replica complete with working parts made from old issues from the Kansas City Star. The "treasures" will be in the museum classroom. A museum staff member will be on hand to talk about the Klusman collection. 

The exhibit will be in the museum classroom, which is located in the history hall. The event will usually be held the first Wednesday of each month.

"Museum after Hours" is an opportunity for those who have wondered what it would be like to visit a museum at night or for those whose schedule does not permit visiting a museum during normal business hours.