Zim Schwartze to Evaluate Callaway County 911 Call Center

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FULTON - Fulton hired a familiar mid-Missouri face to evaluate the Callaway County 911 Call Center on Thursday. Zim Schwartze, worked for the Columbia Police Department for 17 years and then moved into the role of head of the Columbia Emergency Call Center.  Schwartze will now conduct an evaluation of Callaway County's 911 Call Center.

Gary Jungermann, presiding Callaway County Commissioner, said they are happy to get someone who has run a call center before. "Who better to get than someone who has run a large call center before," said Jungermann.

Jungermann added the call center has a high turnover rate and that's something they hope Schwartze can work on. So far, very minor problems have been found in the call center, and Callaway County officials are fixing them to make sure they are up to par.

Schwartze will present her suggestions for improvements to the 911 call center in mid-December, and Commissioners will look into them in early 2013.