Zoning Meeting to Discuss New Apartment Complex

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COLUMBIA - Bicycle issues and increased traffic on Walnut street are two of several issues that may arise at Columbia's planning and zoning meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at city hall. The meeting will give city officials and downtown residents the chance to express concern about the new student apartment complex being built on College Ave. and Walnut Street.

The complex's owners, the Odle family, received approval to build the new apartments in 2011. Since that approval, the family has requested to make some new additions, including a parking structure.

The original plan called for only 200 parking spaces. The new plan seeks to add a larger parking structure, which residents have said would create a problem for bikers.

Although this new addition may bring forth new problems, city officials said they are willing to work with the Odle family to come to a compromise.

"We're still keeping an open mind as to what the possibilities are," said Pat Zenner, development services manager for the city. Neighbors with concerns will have the opportunity to voice their concerns at the meeting.

The two sides agreed to postpone the hearing until May tenth.  One Planning and Zoning Commissioner said when this happens, it usually ends up in a better proposal for both sides.

The meeting lasted approximately twenty minutes.