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We largely dodged a round of strong to severe storms yesterday and are now just dealing with light rain showers to begin your Tuesday morning.

We are not anticipating thunderstorms, or severe weather today... Just ordinary rain during the morning. There will be some drying off the skies starting early this afternoon.

Temperatures will hold in the 50s for much of the day. Clearing skies tonight should lead to overnight temps in the lower 40s.


Wednesday does appear to be a beautiful day with sunny, dry skies and highs in the middle to upper 60s. If you are trying to find a day to get outside, Wednesday is the day to do it! It should also be a decent night for the beginning of the True/False Film Fest.

A passing cold front is forecast to move through Missouri Thursday and will lead to rain chances. Unfortunately, this frontal boundary is expected to stall nearby Missouri and occasional passing impulses in the jet stream will lead to more rain chances for Friday through Mother's Day weekend and even into next week!

As of now, we are not concerned with strong to severe storms in the upcoming 8-day forecast, just mainly rain showers. 

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