Friday will be breezy and warm with a slight haze to the sky as  plume of smoke and ash from wildfires out west passes over Missouri. Highs will reach the lower 80s. Wind gusts could reach 25-30 mph.

There will be some clouds in addition to the smoky skies that will lead to a more yellow colored sky than a traditional sky-blue. Skies will slowly become mostly cloudy by this evening ahead of a cold front that will pass through Missouri tonight.


While a quick-moving cold front moves in, the air is very dry and rain chances will be only around a 10% chance for tonight. This front will lead to morning temps in the 40s over northern Missouri, and lower 50s for morning temps in central Missouri. Highs on Saturday will reach the middle to upper 70s.

Very warm Sunday with temps quickly warming in the upper 80s. Highs are expected to reach the lower 90s early next week.


The National Weather Service office in Kansas City is spot on and highlights the potential for runaway brush fires across the region.

Relative humidity will be in the 20-30% range over the next several days with breezy winds at times. Monday and Tuesday will be days where breezy warm, winds combined with dry air conditions could raise concerns for a Red Flag Warning.

Warm, dry weather and a lack of rain will continue to be the pattern for all of next week as a stationary font will form from north to south over the Central Plains, preventing rain from reaching central Missouri.

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