Hot and dry week ahead

Today marks the beginning of a heat wave in mid-Missouri, where temperatures are expected to be well above average in the final days of September. through Wednesday, most of the region can expect to reach towards 90 degrees for daily highs, as temperatures approach daily records.


The change in temperature was apparent almost immediately today, with regions all over Missouri recording huge increases in a 24 hour period. 

The pattern will stick for at least the first half of this week, with Monday in particular being both very hot and windy. Gusty conditions will be present from late tonight into Monday afternoon, with some areas likely to surpass 30 mph.

Tuesday will be the peak of this heat wave, and the following days will bring a slow but steady cooldown, though temperatures will still be above average in the middle 80s. Humidity and dewpoints will increase from this point on, coinciding with a greater availability of moisture.


Rain chances will become more prevalent in this period, with Thursday and Friday being the days to watch for scattered showers and storms.

For next weekend, chances will stay low as temperatures continue to slowly cool down. Temperatures may return to the 70s by the end of this eight day period, but will surely be above average until then